Development of Landslide Risk Assessment Technology
   along Transportation Arteries in Viet Nam


 What's New

JCC Meeting and Landslide Technical Forum were held at the Institute of Transport Science and Technology (ITST), affiliated organization of Ministry of Transport (MOT) in Hanoi, on May 8, 2013.
JCC Meeting Landslide Technical Forum (Click to see the picture)

14:00-17:00 23
rd March, 2012 : Kickoff meeting was held at the Ministry of Transport, Vietnam
RD has been signed between JICA and MOT.
 9:00-11:40 23rd March, 2012 : JCC meeting was held at ITST in Hanoi.

 Landslide risk in Vietnam

Major Investigation Area 

Ho Chie Minh Route and National Road No.1 are the most important infrastructure for Vietnamese development and line lines for communities along the roads