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Web Proceedings of

The First World Landslide Forum


18-21 November 2008
United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan


Editors: Nicola Casagli, Riccardo Fanti, Veronica Tofani
(ICL Europe, University of Firenze - Earth Sciences Dept.)
on behalf of the Editorial Committee ot the Parallel Session Volume (Chairperson: K. Sassa, ICL)

Session 01

Page 1
Alessandro Ferretti
Exploitation of Historical Satellite SAR Archives for Mapping and Monitoring Landslides at Regional and Local Scale
Pages 2-4
Fausto Guzzetti, Laura Candela, Roberto Carla, Gianfranco Fornaro, Riccardo Lanari, Giovanna Ober
Exploiting Earth Observation Technology to Map, Monitor and Forecast Landslides: the ASI MORFEO Project
Pages 5-8
Yang Hong, Robert F. Adler, Dalia Kirschbaum, George Huffman
Satellite Remote Sensing for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Landslide Occurrence Prediction on a Global Basis
Page 9
Saro Lee, Hyun-Joo Oh
Landslide Susceptibility Analysis using ASTER imagery and GIS
Pages 10-11
Takashi Moriyama
JAXA Activities on Space Utilization and Information Sharing for Disaster/Crisis Management
Pages 12-15
Davide Notti, Francesco Zucca, Claudia Meisina, Alessio Colombo, Anselmo Cucchi, Giuliano Savio, Chiara Giannico, Marco Bianchi
PS Interferometry-based Studies of Landslides at Regional Scale
Pages 16-20
Valeria Pancioli, Hugo Raetzo, Teresa Campolmi, Nicola Casagli
Terrafirma Landslide Services for Europe Based on Space-borne InSAR Data
Pages 21-25
Sheng-wen Qi, Zhong Qi Yue, Chun-ling Liu, Zhong-hua Chang
Instability of Cut Slopes Comprising Deep Weathered Argillaceous Limestone in New Fengjie County on Three Gorges Reservoir in Central China
Pages 26-27
Gaia Righini, Chiara Del Ventisette, Mario Costantini, Fabio Malvarosa, Federico Minati
Spaceborne SAR Analysis for Landslides Mapping in the Framework of the PREVIEW Project
Pages 28-31
Takashi Suzuki, Takashi Shibayama, Toshiaki Udono                   
High Resolution SAR Images of Landslides Triggered by Sichuan and Iwate-Miyagi Earthquakes
Pages 32-33
Liqiang Tong, Sheng-wen Qi, Chun-ling Liu
Remote Sensing Based Investigation of Landslides in Himalaya Mountains
Pages 34-36
J. Wasowski, F. Bovenga, N. Florio, G. Gigante
PSInSAR for the Investigating of Unstable Slopes and Landslides

Session 02
Pages 37-40
Yu. G. Aleshin, I. T. Aitmatov, I. A. Torgoev
Development of Landslides and Multi-hazard Assessment on Applied Mining Territories of Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia)
Pages 41-44
Lisa Borgatti, Alessandro Corsini, Francesco Ronchetti, Giovanni Truffelli
Large Slow-moving Rock Slides - Earth Flows: the Case Study of Ca Lita (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Pages 45-48
Yojana F. Miner,  Juan Carlos Villagran de Leon
Managing Landslides in Guatemala, critical issues
Pages 49-52
Sandra G. Catane, Mark Albert H. Zarco, Ricarido M. Saturay Jr.
Landslide-Risk Reduction Strategies and Practices in the Philippines
Pages 53-55
Gerardo Colangelo, Vincenzo Lapenna, Antonio Loperte, Angela Perrone
A Civil Protection Operative Tool for Emergency Management of Landslide
Pages 56-59
Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Shuichi Hasegawa, Minoru Yamanaka, Netra Prakash Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe
Role of Monsoon Rainfall for Landsliding in Nepal
Pages 60-63
Laura Longoni, Monica Papini
Rock Slope Failure in Weak Rocks: Two Case Studies
Pages 64-66
Peter T. Lyttle
Landslide Hazard Assessment in the United States
Pages 67-70
Monica Osuchowski, Rob Atkinson
Connecting Diverse Landslide Inventories for Improved Landslide Information in Australia
Pages 71-74
Prem Prasad Paudel, Bimala Devi Devkota
Environmental Consequences, Emerging Issues, and Management Options Associated with Landslide Disaster: Experiences from Nepal Himalaya
Pages 75-78
Nicola Casagli, Davide Colombo, Alessandro Ferretti, Letizia Guerri, Gaia Righini 
Case Study on Local Landslide Risk Management During Crisis by Means of Remote Sensing Data
Pages 79-82
Roslan Zainal Abidin, Badiah Sujak
Creation of Rainfall Soil Chart For Forecasting Landslide
Pages 83-86
N. Rupasinghe, Srikantha Herath, Sidat Atapattu
Towards Landslides Risk Reduction in Sri Lanka
Pages 87-89
Felix Tongkul, Rodeano Roslee
Landslide Disasters in Sabah, Malaysia: Issues and Challenges
Pages 90-93
Jan Vlcko, Peter Wagner, R. Ondrasik, L. Jansky
Landslide Hazard Strategies in Slovakia
Pages 94-95
Yueping Yin
Landslide Mitigation Strategy and Implementation in China

Session 03
Pages 96-99
Irasema Alcantara-Ayala, Leobardo Dominguez-Morales
The San Juan de Grijalva Catastrophic Landslide, Chiapas, Mexico: Lessons Learnt
Pages 100-103
S.G. Chiliza, S. Richardson
Landslide Incidence in the Limpopo Province, South Africa
Pages 104-107
Stuart Dunning
Catastrophic Landslides – Quantifying the Link to Landscape Evolution
Pages 108-111
Shuichi Hasegawa, Timihiro Sawada, Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Atsuko Nonomura, Minoru Yamanaka
Matsushima Bay as an Early Holocene Coastal Mega-landslide, Northeast Japan
Pages 112-117
Reginald L. Hermanns, Luis Fauque, Lionel Fidel Small, Daniela Welkner, Andres Folguera, Andres Cazas, Hendry Nunez
Overview of Catastrophic Megarockslides in the Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru
Pages 118-122
Kenneth Hewitt 
Catastrophic Landslides in Context and Control: Late Quaternary Developments in the Nanga Parbat-Haramosh Massif, Northern Pakistan
Pages 123-128
Chris Massey, Vernon Manville, Graham Hancox, Harry Keys, Colin Lawrence
Description of the Dam Breach Sequence that initiated the 18th March 2007 Ruapehu Crater Lake Lahar, New Zealand
Pages 129-131
Ntasin Edwin, Ayonghe Samuel, Suh Emmanuel
The 20th July 2003 Landslide Swarms within the Bambouto Caldera and their Effects
Pages 132-133
Tomaš Panek, Jan Hradecky, Veronika Smolkova, Karel Šilhan
Giant Low-gradient Landslides in the Northern Periphery of the Crimean Mountains: Predisposition, Structure, Chronology and Links to Adjacent Regions
Pages 134-137
Andreas von Poschinger
The Flims Rock Slide Theatre, a Drama in Several Stages
Pages 138-141
Vit Vilimek, Jan Klimeš, Marco Zapata
Delimitation of Prehistoric Rock Fall from Huascaran Mt., Peru
Pages 142-145
Patrick Wassmer, Francesco José Pérez Torrado, Raphael Paris, Jean-Luc Schneider, Maria Carmen Cabrera Santana
The Guimar Flank Collapse on Tenerife Island and Evidences for Related Tsunami on the West Coast of Gran Canaria, (Canary Islands, Spain)
Pages 146-149
Oleg Zerkal, Eugene Samarin
Paleolandslides a Central Part of East European Plain (Russia)

Session 04
Pages 150-153
Lisa Borgatti, Mauro Soldati 
Landslides as Proxies of Climate Change: Evidence from Past Activity Records in the Dolomites (Italy)
Pages 154-158
Neil Dixon, Tom Dijkstra, Joel Smethurst, Paul Hughes, Derek Clarke, Stephanie Glendinning, David Hughes, David Toll
Climate Change and Slope Stability Forecasting in the UK - an Overview of Research Needs
Pages 159-162
Marten Geertsema 
Natural Dams, Temporary Lakes, and Outburst Floods in Western Canada
Pages 163-167
D. Jean Hutchinson, Panya Lipovsky, Ryan Lyle
Recent, Rapid Development of Large Landslides in Discontinuous Permafrost, Little Salmon Lake, Canada
Pages 168-170
Sheng-wen Qi, Zhongqi Yue, Chunling Liu
Instability of Cut Slopes Comprising Deep Weathered Argillaceous Limestone in New Fengjie County on Three Gorges Reservoir in Central China
Pages 171-173
Golam Mahabub Sarwar
Landslide Tragedy of Bangladesh
Pages 174-178
Wei Shan, Fawu Wang, Hongjun Li, Ying Guo, Yuying Sun, Lin Yang
Cause Analysis on the Shallow Landslide of Highway Soil Cutting Slopes in Seasonally Frozen-Ground
Pages 179-182
Mike G Winter, Forbes Macgregor, Lawrence Shackman
Climate Change Impacts on Debris Flow in Scotland

Session 05

Pages 183-186
Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Hari Krishna Shrestha, Deepak Bhattarai
Landslide Hazard in Changunarayan Hill of Nepal: Need of Geotechnical Investigation and Preventive Plan for the Protection of a World Cultural Heritage Site
Pages 187-190
Changgen Yan, Shengwen Qi, Faquan Wu, Masakatsu Miyajima
Historic Geology Method Analysis Stability of Moluocun Landslide
Pages 191-193
Basile Christaras, Theodoros Chatzigogos, Anastasios Dimitriou, Nikos Chatzigogos, Thomas Makedon,  Dimitris Vogiatzis, Savvas Filippidis, Eugenia Moraiti
Supporting the Under Touristic Development Poliphimos Cave in Maronia, Thrace
Pages 194-197
Giuseppe Delmonaco, Claudio Margottini
Geomorphology and Landslide Potential of the Bamiyan Valley (Afghanistan)
Pages 198-201
Paolo Canuti, Nicola Casagli, Riccardo Fanti, Giovanni Gigli, Luca Lombardi
Rockfalls in the Cliff of Pitigliano (Central Italy): Integrated Techniques for Landslide Hazard Assessment
Pages 202-205
Vladimir Greif, Jan Vlcko
Earthquake Response Analysis of the Catarata 2 Rock Block at Machu Picchu – Peru
Pages 206-209
Paul Marinos, George Tsiambaos, Haralambos Saroglou, Vassilios Marinos
Rockfall Hazard and Risk for a High Promontory: Monemvasia Historical Site, Greece
Pages 210-213
E. Martini, M. Cenci, L. Tortoioli, P. Tamburi, D. Salciarini, P. Conversini
Risk Mitigation from Landslides for Cultural Heritage in Umbria Region: Some Applications
Pages 214-216
Paolo Canuti, Riccardo Fanti, Claudio Margottini, Daniele Spizzichino
Effects of Landslides on Machu Picchu Cultural Heritage
Pages 217-220
Valentina Svalova, German Postoev
Landslide Process Activization on Sites of Cultural Heritage in Moscow, Russia
Pages 221-224
Jan Vlcko, Vladimir Greif
Environmental Hazards - the Result of Engineering Geological Failures on Cultural Heritage

Session 06

Pages 225-228
N.M.S.I. Arambepola
Effective Land Use Planning Solutions for Landslide Risk Management in Urban Areas in Asia
Pages 229-232
Y.C. Chan
Debris Flows in Urban Hong Kong – An Example of Risk Management
Pages 233-235
Neal Farmer
Hagerman Valley Landslides Triggered by Land-Use Change Endanger Lives and Destroy Natural and Cultural Resources
Pages 236-240
Katie Oven, David Petley, Jonathan Rigg, Christine Dunn, Nick Rosser
Landslides, Livelihoods and Risk: Vulnerability and Decision-making in Central Nepal
Pages 241-244
James W. Schwab, Matt E. Sakals
Landslides, Forest Resources and Infrastructure in west central British Columbia Canada
Pages 245-248
Kishan Sugathapala
Impact on Livelihoods of Landslide Affected Communities due to Resettlement Programmes

Pages 249-255
Mike G. Winter, Edward N. Bromhead
Societal Willingness to Accept Landslide Risk

Session 07

Pages 256-259
Kumiko Fujita, Yukiko Takeuchi, Rajib Show
Effective Forest Management to Reduce Landslide Risk in Reihoku Area in Shikoku: A Social Perspective
Pages 260-264
Lynn M. Highland, Peter Bobrowsky
An Illustrated Landslide Handbook for Developing Nations
Pages 265-268
Dwikorita Karnawati, Subagyo Pramumijoyo
Strategy for Promoting Education for Natural Disaster Reduction in Indonesia and ASEAN Region

Pages 269-272
Surya Parkash
A Methodology for Community Based Disaster Risk Management
Pages 273-276
Rajib Shaw, Yukiko Takeuchi
Sustainable Community Disaster Education in Saijo City and its Effectiveness in Landslide Risk Reduction
Pages 277-280
Koichi Shiwaku
Capacity Building of Local NGO as Community Leader in the Affected Area of Pakistan Earthquake of 2005
Pages 281-284
Yukiko Takeuchi
The Education of Sediment Disaster Generation Process Including Sediment Transport to ResidentŐs Action in Hiroshima City
Pages 285-288
Etsuko Tsunozaki
Capacity Building and Awareness Raising for Disaster Reduction through Formal Education - Lessons learned from the Indian Ocean Tsunami

Session 08

Pages 289-293
Francesco Ballio, Laura Longoni, Monica Papini, Alessio Radice
Risk by Sediment Sources in Mountain Environments
Pages 294-297
Lieven Claessens
The Importance of Shallow Landsliding for the Spatial Distribution and Ecology of Kauri
Pages 298-301
V.A. Droznin, V.N. Dvigalo, E.I. Gordeev, Y.D. Muravyev
The 3 June, 2007 Landslide in the Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka
Pages 302-305
Jan Hradecky, Tomaš Panek
Geoecological Effects of Mass-Movements on Habitats – the Case Studies from the Western Carpathians (Czech Republic)
Pages 306-309
Artem Khomutov
Interrelation of Landscapes and Landsliding on Yugorsky and Yamal Peninsular, Russia
Pages 310-312
Yulia Kugaenko
Beauty of the Valley of the Geysers: Before and After Landslide on June 3, 2007 (Kamchatka, Russia)
Pages 313-316
Marina Leibman, Natalia G. Ukraintseva
Mechanisms and Geoecological Consequences of Cryogenic Landslides in The Area of Marine Sedimentation
Pages 317-319
Carla Restrepo, Miriam Janette Gonzalez Garcia, Juan Carlos Castro Hernandez, Saul Hernandez Bezares
Landslides, Natural Protected Areas, and the Long-term Management of Mountainscapes: Emerging Challenges from the Study of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, Chiapas, Mexico
Pages 320-323
I. A. Torgoev, Yu. G. Aleshin, G. E. Ashirov
Environmental Effects of Possible Landslide Catastrophes in The Areas of Radioactive Waste Warehousing in Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia)

Session 10

Pages 324-325
Henry Ando Abia
Landslide Reduction along the Bamenda – Wum Road in Cameroon
Pages 326-329
Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe, Shuichi Hasegawa, Hideki Inagaki, Hari Krishna Shrestha
Characteristic Features of Landslides in the Vicinity of Major Road Network in Central Nepal
Pages 330-333
Tan Ah Cheng, Habibah Lateh, Koay Swee Peng
Intelligence Explanation System on Landslide Dissemination: A Case Study in Malaysia
Pages 334-335
Chiang Shou-Hao, Lahousse Thomas, Chang Kang-Tsun
An Integrated Model for Predicting Rainfall-induced Landslides
Pages 336-339
Ogbonnaya Igwe, Hiroshi Fukuoka 
Field and Laboratory Investigation of Soils Affected By the 2007 Chuetsuoki Earthquake
Pages 340-343
Kwon-Muk Rim, Jong Kim, Hiroshi Fukuoka
Distribution and classification of landslides in Korean Peninsula (DPRK)
Pages 344-347
Habibah Lateh, M.G. Anderson, F. Ahmad P. J. Ramadhansyah
CHASM – The Model to Predict Stability of Gully Walls Along the East-West Highway in Malaysia: A Case Study
Pages 348-351
Laura Longoni, Monica Papini
The First Emergency Management for Landslides in Urbanized Areas
Pages 352-355
Hiroyuki Maeda, Takashi Sasaki, Kazuyuki Furuta, Katsuhiro Takashima, Akihiro Umemura, Masanori Kohno
What is a Hydrothermal Alteration Zone Landslide? The Relationship between Ancient Landslides and Point Load Strenght of Hydrothermal Alteration Zone Rocks in Hokkaido, Japan

Pages 356-357
Ryoko Nishii, Norikazu Matsuoka, Atsushi Ikeda
Monitoring Rock Slope Deformation Following an Alpine Rock Slide in the Southern Japanese Alps
Pages 358-361
Bishal N. Upreti, Ryuichi Yatabe, Netra P. Bhandary, Ranjan K. Dahal
Landslide Hazard in the Himalayan Region and Need for a Regional Scientific Society on Landslide and Environment
Pages 362-365
Cees van Westen
RiskCity: a Training Package on the Use of GIS for Urban Multi-hazard Risk Assessment
Pages 366-369
Hiromitsu Yamagishi, Junko Iwahashi, Lulseged Ayalew
GIS Using Landslide Mapping in Niigata Region, Japan
Pages 370-373
Zongyuan Ma, Hongjian Liao, Lijun Su
Analysis for Stability of Loess Slope under Structural Loads

Session 11
Pages 374-377
Has Baator, Ryota Muranaka, Kiyoteru Maruyama, Masaaki Hanaoka, Yasuo Ishii, Soki Suzuki
A Simple Risk Evaluation Method for Earthquake-induced Landslide Based on Geomorphological and Geological Factors-Case of Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004, Japan
Pages 378-380
Celine Bourdeau, Hans-Balder Havenith
Numerical Modeling of the Triggering of a Loess Slide Considering Seismic and Hydrogeologic Factors
Pages 381-383
Nicola Casagli, Filippo Catani, Chiara Del Ventisette, Letizia Guerri, Dario Tarchi, Joaquim Fortuny, Giuseppe Antonello, Davide Leva, Carlo Rivolta
Ground-based InSAR Monitoring of an Active Volcano and Related Landslides
Pages 384-386
Masahiro Chigira, Woo Xiyong, Takashi Inokuchi
Landslides Induced by the 2008 Wengchan Earthquake, Sichuan in China
Pages 387-391
Liu Chuanzheng
Research on the Geohazards Induced by Ň5.12Ó Wenchuan Earthquakes in China
Pages 392-395
J. W. Godt, B. Şener, K. L. Verdin, D. J. Wald, P. S. Earle, E. L. Harp, R. W. Jibson
Rapid Assessment of Earthquake-induced Landsliding
Pages 396-399
Ivan Gratchev, Ikuo Towhata
Analysis of a Slope Failure Triggered by the 2007 Chuetsu Oki Earthquake
Pages 400-403
Yulia Kugaenko 
Geodynamic Processes as the Risk Factor of June 3, 2007 Landslide in the Valley of the Geysers  (Kamchatka, Russia)
Pages 404-406
Djoko Legono, Adam Pamudji, Teuku Faisal Fathani, Irawan Prabowo
Development of Community-based Early Warning System against Debris Flow at Mt. Merapi, Indonesia
Pages 407-410
Hideaki Marui
Emergency Measures and Risk Management after Landslide Disasters Caused by the 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in Japan
Pages 411-413
Farrokh Nadim
Submarine Slides and Their Consequences
Pages 414-417
Gonghui Wang, Hirotaka Kamai, Masahiro Chigira, Xiyong Wu
Some Catastrophic Landslides Triggered by the May 12, 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

Session 12

Pages 418-421
Fauziah Ahmad, Ahmad Shukri Yahaya, Mohd Ahmadullah Farooqi, Habibah Abd Lateh
Landslide Susceptibility Study of Batu Feringgi and Paya Terubong Areas of Penang Island Malaysia Using Soil Characterization
Pages 422-425
Francesca Ardizzone, Mauro Cardinali, Fausto Guzzetti, Silvia Peruccacci, Paola Reichenbach, Mauro Rossi, Paola Salvati, Angelo Corazza, Francesco Leone, Gabriele Tonelli
Forecasting Landslides and the Associated Risk to the Population of Italy
Pages 426-429
Gaelle Danneels, Hans-Balder Havenith, Alexander Strom, Eric Pirard
Landslide Detection Methods, Inventory Analysis and Susceptibility Mapping Applied to the Tien Shan, Kyrgyz Republic
Pages 430-433
Claire Foster, Andrew Gibson, Gerry Wildman
The new National Landslide Database and Landslide Hazard Assessment of Great Britain
Pages 434-437
Andreas Gunther, Paola Reichenbach, Javier Hervas
Approaches for Delineating Areas Susceptible to Landslides in the Framework of the European Soil Thematic Strategy
Pages 438-441
Dalia Bach Kirschbaum, Robert Adler, Yang Hong
Evaluation of a Satellite-based Landslide Algorithm Using Global and Regional Landslide Inventories
Pages 442-445
Shouyun Liang, Xiumei Yang
Landslide hazard assessment based on GIS and AHP
Pages 446-448
Poudyal Chandra Prakash
Landslide Hazard Mapping Around Phidim Bazaar, Eastern Nepal
Pages 449-452
Francesca Ardizzone, Mauro Cardinali, Fausto Guzzetti, Paola Reichenbach
Landslide Hazard Assessment, Vulnerability Estimation, and Risk Evaluation at the Basin Scale
Pages 453-456
Veronica Tofani, Nicola Casagli, Filippo Catani
Quantitative Landslide Risk Assessment at the River Basin Scale
Pages 457-460
Alessandro Trigila, Carla Iadanza, Daniele Spizzichino
IFFI Project (Italian Landslide Inventory) and Risk Assessment
Pages 461-463
Ali Uromeihy, Miriam Fattahi, Mehrdad Safaei
Landslide Hazard Zonation of Babolrood Watershed, Iran
Pages 464-467
Cees J. van Westen, Enrique A. Castellanos Abella
Multi-scale Landslide Risk Assessment: a Contribution to the National System of Multi-hazard Risk in Cuba

Session 13

Pages 468-472
Zbigniew Bednarczyk
Landslide Geotechnical Monitoring for Mitigation Measures in Chosen Location Inside the SOPO Landslide Counteraction Framework Project, the Carpathian Mountains, Poland

Pages 473-476
Stefano Cardellini, Paolo Osimani
Living with Landslide: the Ancona Case History and Early Warning System
Pages 477-480
Byung-Gon Chae, Byung-Won Han, Yong-Chan Cho, Yong-Seok Seo
Development of a Ubiquitous-based Monitoring System for Debris Flows on Natural Terrain in Korea
Pages 481-484
Teuku Faisal Fathani, Dwikorita Karnawat, Kyoji Sassa, Hiroshi Fukuoka,  Kiyoshi Honda
Development of Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System in Indonesia
Pages 485-489
Narayan Gurung
Living with Landslides and Awareness Raising: Case Examples from Laprak Landslide, Gorkha, and Aaula Rockfall, Myagdi, Nepal
Pages 490-492
Katsumi Hattori, Hitomi Kohno, Yasunari Tojo, Tomomi Terajima, Hirotaka Ochiai
Early Warning of Landslides Based on Landslide Indoor Experiments
Pages 493-498
Koay Swee Peng, Habibah Lateh, Naoki Sakai, 2oshikazu Morohoshi, Teruki Fukuzono
The Preliminary Study on Landslide Prediction Model in Malaysia
Pages 499-501
Tetsuya Kubota, Israel Cantu Silva, Hasnawir
The Warning Standard Rain of Sediment Runoff and Shallow Landslides along the Mountainous Torrent
Pages 502-505
Dugkeun Park, Jeongrim Oh, Youngjin Son, Minseok Lee
Preliminary Approach for a Nation-wide Regional Landslide Early Warning System in South Korea
Pages 506-510
Pasquale Schiano, Paola Mercogliano, Gabriella Ceci
Short-term Weather Forecasting for Early Warning
Pages 511-514
Kaoru Takara, Apip, Agung Bagiawan
Study on Early Warning System for Debris Flow and Landslide in the Citarum River Basin, Indonesia
Pages 515-518
Taro Uchimura, Ikuo Towhata, Wang Ling, Ichiro Seko
Simple and Low-Cost Wireless Monitoring Units for Slope Failure
Pages 519-522
Zongyuan Ma, Hongjian Liao, Lijun Su
Analysis for Stability of Loess Slope under Structural Loads
Pages 523-534
Jiři Zvelebil, Zuzana Vařilova, Milan Paluš
New Challenges of Safety Monitoring of Rock Slopes: The Third Wave

Session 14

Pages 535-536

Y. Adikari, M. Watanabe, T. Noro, J. Yoshitani
The Importance of an Indexing Method for Holistic Landslide Disaster Management
Pages 537-543
Malcolm G. Anderson, Elizabeth A. Holcombe
A New Sustainable Landslide Risk Reduction Methodology for Communities in Lower Income Countries
Pages 544-546
B. Andyani, D. Karnawati, S. Pramumijoyo
Institutional Frame Work for Community Empowerment towards Landslide Mitigation and Risk Reduction in Indonesia
Pages 547-562
R. K. S. Chan, T. M. F. Lau
Slope Safety System and Landslide Risk Management in Hong Kong
Pages 563-570
Andy Gibson, Martin Culshaw, Claire Foster
Landslide Management in the UK – is it Working?
Pages 571-574
Paula L. Gori, Jane Preuss
Reducing Landslide Hazards through Federal, State, and Local Government Cooperation: The Seattle, Washington, Experience
Pages 575-578
Che Hassandi Abdullah, Ashaari Mohamed
Model of Slope Master Plan
Pages 579-581
Su-Gon Lee, Steve Hencher
Landslide Mitigation and Risk Reduction Practice in Korea
Pages 582-586
Claudio Margottini
Prevention Policies for the Protection Against Hydrogeological Disasters in Italy
Pages 587-589
Puji Pujiono
Indonesia Disaster Management Law: Challenges for Implementation
Pages 590-593
D. F. VanDine, R. F. Gerath, M. Jakob, P. Mitchell
Natural Hazard Legislation and Professional Landslide Guidelines in British Columbia, Canada

Session 15

Pages 584-597
Ning Lu, Jonathan Godt, Alexandra Wayllac
A Unsaturated Hydro-Mechanical Framework for Infiltration-Induced Shallow Landslides
Pages 598-605
Lee H. MacDonald, Isaac J. Larsen
Sediment Production and Delivery from Wildfires: Processes and Mitigation
Pages 606-610
Matjaz Mikos, Bojan Majes
Causes and Mitigation of Large Rainfall-triggered Landslides and Debris Flows in Last Years in Slovenia
Pages 611-621
Yasuhiko Okada, Hirotaka Ochiai
Landslide and Debris Flow Experiments on Artificial and Natural Slopes
Pages 622-628
Mario Parise, Susan H. Cannon
The Effects of Wildfires on Erosion and Debris-flow Generation in Mediterranean Climatic Areas: a First Database
Pages 629-632
Mark E. Reid, Richard M. Iverson, Neal R. Iverson, Richard G. LaHusen, Dianne L. Brien, Matthew Logan
Deciphering Landslide Behavior Using Large-scale Flume Experiments
Pages 633-636
Karel Šilhan, Tomaš Panek
Geomorphic Evidence of Debris Flows in Culmination Parts of the Czech Flysch Carpathians
Pages 637-640
Veronica Tofani, Fawu Wang, Nicola Casagli, Hiroshi Fukuoka
Instability Conditions of the Landslides Triggered by the 2006 Rainfall Event in Ischia Island, Italy
Pages 641-646
Mike G. Winter, James Dent, Peter Dempsey, Forbes Macgregor, Alan Motion,  Lawrence Shackman
Rainfall Conditions Leading to Debris Flow in Scotland

Session 16

Pages 647-650
Laura Longoni, Monica Papini
The First Emergency Management for Landslides in Urbanized Areas
Pages 651-653
Akhilesh Surjan
Risk Management Strategies in Megacities: Delhi Experience
Pages 654-657
Cees van Westen
RiskCity: a Training Package on the Use of GIS for Urban Multi-hazard Risk Assessment

Session 17

Pages 658-661
Louis Bugnion, Matthias Denk, Kazuhito Shimojo, Andrea Roth, Axel Volkwein
Full-scale Experiments on Shallow Landslides in Combination with Flexible Protection Barriers
Pages 662-667
Giancarlo Cantarelli, Gian Paolo Giani, Guido Gottardi, Laura Govoni
Modelling Rockfall Protection Fences
Pages 668-671
Narayan Gurung
Engineering Measures for Landslide Disaster Mitigation: A Discussion in Nepal Himalaya Scenario
Pages 672-675
Steve Hencher, Su Gon Lee, Andrew Malone
Back Analysis of Landslides to Allow the Design of Cost-effective Mitigation Measures
Pages 676-679
Yasuo Ishi, Kazunori Fujisawa, Yuichi Ueno, Yuichi Nakashima, Keiichi Ito
Optimum Design of Landslide Stabilizing Piles by Centrifugal Loading Experiments and FEM

Pages 680-683
Nobuaki Kato, Ryosuke Tsunaki, Keiji Mukai, Kazuyuki Sato, Takumi Yoshizawa
A Method for Evaluating Landslide-prevention Works at the Yuzurihara Landslide
Pages 684-687
Vernon R. Schaefer
The Forest City Landslide, South Dakota, USA
Pages 688-692
Naresh Man Shakya, Dilli Raman Niraula
Integration of Bio-engineering Techniques in Slope Stabilization Works: a Cost Effective Approach for Developing Countries
Pages 693-694
A. Suhendra, A. Makmur
Composite Geotextile Reinforced Gabion Structure for River Side Slope of a Factory in Bali – Indonesia
Pages 695-701
Watanabe Masayuki, Yoshitani Junichi, Noro Tomoyuki, Adikari Yoganath
'Debris-flow Dewatering Brake': An Efficient Tool to Control Upstream Debris-flow to Secure Road Transportation and Community Safety

Session 18

Pages 702-705
Ian Cherrett, Nicolas Dolidon
An Experience of Agricultural Practices to Ensure Sustainable Livelihoods and Landslide Risk Reduction: Case Study from Honduras and Central America
Pages 706-709
Benjamin Kiersch
Potential of Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes for Landslide Risk Reduction
Pages 710-713
Lee H. MacDonald, Drew B. R. Coe
Road Sediment Production and Delivery: Processes and Management
Pages 714-719
Veronica Ochoa-Tejeda, Jean-Francois Parrot, Irasema Alcantara-Ayala
On the Influence of Road Networks on Colluvial Landsliding in the Sierra Norte de Puebla (Mexico)
Pages 720-723
David J. Wilford, Matthew E. Sakals
Forest Management for Landslide Risk Reduction on Alluvial Fans

Session 19

Pages 724-727
Lynn M. Highland
Geographical Overview of the Three Gorges Dam and Reservoir, China—Geologic Hazards and Environmental Impacts
Pages 728-731
Wenxing Jian, Kunlong Yin, Zhijian Wang
Anlesi Landslide in Wanzhou, China: Characteristics and Mechanism of a Gentle Dip Landslide
Pages 732-735
Shaojun Li, Jonathan Knappett, Xiating Feng
Centrifuge Modelling of Reservoir Landslides in Three Gorges, China
Pages 736-740
Xian-Qi Luo, Ailan Che
A Study of Landslide Mechanism in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Pages 741-744
Toyohiko Miyagi, Fumihoro Kasai, Shinichi Yamashina
Huge Landslide Triggered by Earthquake at the Aratozawa Dam Area, Tohoku, Japan
Pages 745-748
Xuanming Peng, Lide Cheng, Bolin Huang, Zhoufeng Chen
Distribution of Dangerous Rockmasses and High Steep Slopes in Three Gorges River Valley
Pages 749-752
Shengwen Qi, Zhongqi Yue, Chunling Liu, Zhonghua Chang
Instability of Cut Slopes Comprising Deep Weathered Argillaceous Limestone in New Fengjie County on Three Gorges Reservoir in Central China
Pages 753-756
Fawu Wang, Xuanming Peng, Yeming Zhang, Zhitao Huo
Displacement Monitoring of Shuping Landslide after the First Impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir