The First World Landslide Forum
  Date: 18th-21st November 2008
  Venue: United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan
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2006 Tokyo Action Plan

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Background and Objectives
of the First World Landslide Forum

  • In January 2006, the 2006 Tokyo Action Plan on the International Programme on Landslides (IPL) was adopted by the international community. It proposed the global cooperating Network of the IPL, and established the IPL Global Promotion Committee and the IPL World Centre as its secretariat to coordinate and support implementation of the International Programme on Landslides. The relationship of IPL Global Promotion Committee, the IPL World Centre, ICL member organizations, and ICL supporting organizations is shown below.
  • The adoption of the 2006 Tokyo Action Plan took place on the occasion of the 2006 Tokyo Round Table Discussion gStrengthening Research and Learning on Earth System Risk Analysis and Sustainable Disaster Management within UN-ISDR as Regards Landslidesh-towards a dynamic global network of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL) which was held at the United Nations University, Tokyo, from 18th to 20th January, 2006, to formulate a framework for cooperation and to identify focus areas to reduce landslide risk worldwide. It was further agreed that the 2006 Tokyo Action Plan would be implemented within the scope of the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015, gBuilding the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disastersh, adopted at the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan in 2005.
  • The Action Plan proposed organizing a World Landslide Forum in order to bring together academics, practitioners, politicians, and other stakeholders to a global, multidisciplinary, problem-focused platform.
The objectives of the First Landslides Forum (1st WLF) are the following:
1. Promotion of research and exchange of experience through open Forums, Symposia and Workshops
Various meetings to strengthen Research and Learning on Earth System Risk Analysis and Sustainable Disaster Management within UN-ISDR as Regards gLandslidesh will be organized by all levels of participating groups. Rooms and time span will be allocated to promote those activities.
2. Advances and achievements of IPL
Proposals and reports on IPL projects will be presented for the planned global cooperating fields, which are listed hereafter:
Global Cooperating Fields of IPL
(1) Technology Development
A. Monitoring and Early Warning
B. Hazard Mapping, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

(2) Targeted Landslides: Mechanisms and Impacts
A. Catastrophic Landslides
B. Landslides Threatening Heritage Sites

(3) Capacity Building
A. Enhancing Human and Institutional Capacities
B. Collating and Disseminating Information/ Knowledge

(4) Mitigation, Preparedness and Recovery
A. Preparedness
B. Mitigation
C. Recovery
3. Designation of World Centres of Excellence on Landslide Risk Reduction
The IPL Global Promotion Committee will identify and promote World Centres of Excellence (WCoE) within eligible organizations, such as universities, institutes, NGOs, government ministries and local governments, contributing to gRisk Reduction for Landslides and Related Earth System Disastersh. Linkages to CoE at the national level will be used to promote cooperation with the ICL and dissemination of knowledge and information. An independent Panel of Experts, set up by the Global Promotion Committee of IPL, may be appointed to endorse the CoEs. The first WCoE will be approved by the IPL Global Promotion Committee based on the recommendation by the Panel of Experts and announced at the final day of the first World Landslide Forum.
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